Dad aka Kei Wells is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter currently working out of her bedroom in Los Angeles, California. At 18 she moved to LA for the least clich√© reason ever: a boy (insert eye roll). Of course, he was a musician. Of course, she put his needs before her own. Of course, he broke her heart. But all that got Dad to where she is now: single, living off of 99 cent ramen in her studio apartment with her cat, and finally confident enough to release music so that more than just her and her cat can hear it. She’s now known for her lo-fi bedroom pop music with a heavy emo and indie rock influence. Her sophomore single “Smash Bros” follows a pretty impressive demo on “Alligator”. We hear she has music with Wrabel and Gallant coming in 2020. Stream them both below.¬†