Two years after Hiver Noir, Italian dark jazz band Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte returned with a new album. Noir Jazz Fendom is out now via Subsound Records. They said about it: “It’s is a dark album that closes a circle that began 20 years ago. A story of obsession and morbid dreams we started with our first record, “Profilo Ottimale dele Ferite”. From the beginning we wanted to tell the stories of a forgotten province of auto-eroticism, morbid passion and voyeurism and the new record goes back to that point, digging into our subconscious of adult men now in their forties.” 

They also explain: “Unintentionally, the stylistic direction changed while we were writing the music. We realized that it would be a much more morbid record than the last. More noise, darker and heavier. Finally we got back to where it all started: raw industrial obsessive noises and feral voices.

Listen below.