Two years ago we introduced Yorkshire quintet Avalanche Party with the track “I’m So Wet“. Now they just released the first full-length titled 24 Carat Diamond Trephine. Their sound is a mix of punk vibes, melodic lines and songwriting attitude. The album was recorded over the course of a bitter December last year. Each day for a month (including Christmas Day) the band and an assortment of friends/collaborators crafted the tracks in a cold windowless room on the top floor above a social club in York called Young Thugs Studios.

They explain: “This is our debut album, we haven’t touched the surface before, and this is a glimpse into our bigger picture, our chaotic process, our commitment to us. There’s 5 people in this band with an equal passion, 5 different reasons to create, 5 different people with 200+ ideas each, that’s 1000+ ideas, 1000s of reasons we have to create. We had to make this now… mainly because we want to make a second one.”

Listen below.