Back in June, One year after Quiet River Of Dust Vol. 1, Canadian musician and composer Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre) released a new solo album titled Quiet River of Dust: Vol. 2. Now he announced Explorations which is a series of hypnotic, quiet videos and field recordings of musical work in progress, shot in natural environments. Filmed in Malibu, watch the first installment “Explorations 1”. 

It’s a meditative, ongoing process of improvising, capturing and developing new musical ideas while they’re still in an early phase of development – a song before it’s a finished song, melodies that are still finding themselves, lyrics that haven’t decided what words they really want to be yet,” he continues. “I treat the natural world as my working studio, wander out into a remote location to see what ideas appear and where they go.  I try to allow myself to just flow with a musical idea and let it hypnotize me; let it continue as long as it wants to.  Some of these fragments will become finished songs, some of them won’t ever be more than a fleeting musical thought. And either way, there will be a beautiful, raw document of new creations in the making, filmed in wild, immersive natural environments, my favorite places to go exploring.