Noum is the London based band which include singer and composer Noémie du Cimetière, electronic artist Vahakn Matossian and drummer Mike Frank. “Canary” is their debut track which has a powerful tension and the evocative, warm vocals of the Swiss-French singer.

According to the press release, it is a distillation of a range of musical worlds into a heady brew of influences, from trip hop atmospherics akin to Portishead, droney guitars which recall Slowdive and the classic song-writing of artists such as Leonard Cohen, as well as the mantric cycles of 10–12th Century European plain chant.

Inspired by the current pre-apocalyptic climate of existential dread in the face of the threat of global catastrophes, Noémie says “I’ve had powerful dreams. I’ve dreamt of fire. I poured it all into this song”. The official video was filmed at Roman Road studios, London and made in collaboration with directors Dominic Hicks and Derk Russell. Watch it below.