Brooke Bentham is a London based singer songwriter which released debut 7” in 2017. We introduced her with the track “All My Friends Are Drunk”; now she announced the release of her first full-length. Everyday Nothing is out on February 28th via AllPoints. “Perform For You” is a new excerpt. Inspired by novels that Brooke was reading at the time. She probes beneath the surface of a doomed romance from the get-go.  “It’s like surrendering to something, even though you know it’s never going to work, realising you’re so dependent on someone and knowing your presence in that relationship. It’s love in the worst way.” she says.  
“‘Perform For You’ is probably my favourite, because it reminds me of lots of the music I love. Once we’d recorded that, I knew we were making an album. Musically it was exactly where I wanted to be.” 

Watch the official video below.