Eight years after third full-length Daughters, American band Daughters (Alexis S.F. Marshall, Nicholas Sadler, Jon Syverson, Samuel Walker) returned with a new album in 2018. You Won’t Get What You Want is out now via Ipecac Recordings. They shared a new video for the track “Guest House“. It was directed by A.F. CORTÉS.

According to the press release, It continues Daughters’ exploration into the world of black and white photography and film. Both of the band’s previously released videos used the color-free palette to create stunning, thought-provoking pieces that played on darkness and light, shadows and shading, to impart a variety of emotions, from the magic of a flickering candle to the beauty of the human form, and with “Guest House,” the exploration of psychological tension.

It is always exciting to see our work interpreted by talented artists,” explains Alexis Marshall. “We first became familiar with Andres through his wonderful photographic work. His ability to capture unique moments, often missed by other photographers, is uncanny and we trusted him to be able to bring the same abilities as a director.

Watch it below.