LOVATARAXX is a French, cold/synth-wave duo which include Kleo Pattern et Almond Blossom. Two years after their debut EP Kairos, they just released the full-length album Hébéphrénie, out via the French label Unknown Pleasures Records. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video for the track “Prostration” which was edited by Perrine Ladite using 4 films excerpts.

The video deals with the metamorphosis of bodies and emotions. It shows characters seaking for an Ideal far away from the Kafkaesque and absurd world around them. Among moments of despondency, contemplative states of mind, euphoric impulses or lucid step back to reality, the characters in the video embody the different facets of the same being torn by his desires. We switch from one sequence to another and follow the figures into their wanderings. Prostration deals with different topics disseminated throughout the album : Like, for instance, this youth facing an ancient world and challenging arbitrary laws. The lyrics are inspired by Arthur Rimbaud’s Illuminations, a collection of poems published in the 19th century.

Watch it below.