Picture by Anna Lapiccirella

November 18th, 2019. Uncertainty, chaos, impending apocalypse. Limbo. It is quite hard to enumerate all the ever-changing impressions that a Godspeed You! Black Emperor concert can bring to life. Exploring mainly the latest albums – Luciferian Towers above the others – everyone is left hanging between never-ending chords and suspended silences. Weeping violins tear up the atmosphere while torrential drums bounce in the chest, without leaving the continuous sense of mystery and despair that characterizes the group’s production in more than 20 years of career.

Cliff. That is what a collective brings to you: total involvement, complete empathy. A glimpse of F#A#comes in the end with Sad Mafioso, warmly welcomed by the audience, which is then relentlessly overwhelmed by guitars. A lot of them, like a continuous, inexorable avalanche. Buried by sound.

P.S. Opening act by Mette Rasmussen, who was also involved in the concert. Ruthless, unscrupulous, violent saxophone.