R.Y.F. (Restless Yellow Flowers) is the project of Italian musician and singer-songwriter Francesca Morello. Three years after Love Songs for Freaks & Dead Souls, she’s back with a new album. Shameful Tomboy is out now via Dio Drone. It was recorded with the help of Roberto Villa. We had an interesting talk with her about the new full-length, her upcoming show at Transmissions Festival and much more. Check it below.

Let’s Start from your new album “Shameful Tomboy”. You did all by yourself, with the help of Roberto Villa. What about the idea, the inspiration and the creative process of the album?

Everything started with the writing in 2018 of “Shameful Tomboy”, the title track from wich I started to think about the concept of the album. Most of the times, I start with the music part and then I choose the text I already have that can fit with the music. Usually I write my thoughts in a song/poem form on a notebook that I always bring with me.
Writing new songs always correspond also to my extreme need to express myself, music is a media to realese my feelings. Most of time writing a song is a long process but this time, it happened that I literally vomit out music and words in half an hour and the song was done.

This album has an intimate nature and political roots. Themes of the album are connected to the poison of intolerance and the guilt caused by Catholic world and rules. Is it right? How do you feel these themes connected to the current situation in Italy?

They are extremely connected and the current situation in Italy has been the propeller for the writing of “Shameful Tomboy”. My memories of childwood and adolescence, of the building during those years of strong armors to survive in a small village as a queer teenage in the closet, push me to put more of myself in the album, much more than usual.
Living with the feeling of being wrong, of the duty to correct yourself to be accepted is really hard without support. So, as we’re living again in a time of hatred and intollerance, I thought it would be important to speak about these themes. Important for me as an artist and for everybody out there who felt or still feels the same.

“Valley of Tears Invading My Mind” is the only one instrumental track and I think is one of the best tracks of the album. There is a strong intensity and a fragility. Very powerful. Would you like, one day, to do an instrumental album? Or you ever thought about it?

If I think of myself, I always put the singing as the thing I can be good at, even if I like a lot playing everything that passes on my hands. Really I can’t resist myself trying a new instrument if I have the chance. I decided to include “Valley of Tears…” in the album because I really liked the track and I couldn’t find the right way to sing on it, so I decided that the arpeggio and the riff were enough expressive and soulful by themselves and worth to record them “alone”. So, I can say that I would do an instrumental album if my stomach feels the necessity to do it, about music I’m pretty instinctive.

You will play at Transmissions Festival which is focused on experimental sounds. What is your relationship with experimentation related to your way to think music?

As I told you before, i’m really curious and hungry of everything related with music.
I like almost all kinds of music and in the last period I’m really interested in electronic sounds, they can be extremely dark and poetic and it’s something I like a lot.
Even if my spontaneous way to talk through music is with my voice and a guitar cause they’re fast to catch, I’ve been thinking of improving my sounds. Who knows?

You’re touring right now. Whant kind of live shows we can expect from you? What is the best thing of live shows you like more compared to studio recordings?

My show is extremely intimate and simple. I travel with a guitar and pedal effects. It’s me alone with the audience, putting all my heart in what I love most in my life.
Recording is another thing. Even if I’m not a mother and i will never be, I can compare the recording to the giving birth of a child. The live shows are like the raise of the baby album, feeding it with love and passion and new experiences, it grows and changes every time and it repays you back much more than what you have given to it.

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

?Alos e Xabier Iriondo – “Coscienza di sé”
Chelsea Wolfe – “Birth Of Violence”
Kathryn Joseph – “From When I Wake The Want Is”
Buke & Gaze – “Scholar”
Little Simz – “Grey Area”