Vincenzo Ramaglia is an Italian experimental electronic musician. After different self-produced albums, he released a new album titled Atomic City, out via Dark Companion. Now he announced a new full-length. La Parole is out on January 24th via PEM Records. It is entirely conceived via an electronic setup without a computer.

The album features the impressive vocals of Laure Le Prunenec who is the singer of many known and interesting projects, including worldwide acclaimed French band Igorrr. About his music, he says:

I have always aspired to music that can integrate experimentation and approachability. This is the meaning of what I call PEM (Popular Experimental Music). I think that to experiment does not necessarily mean to bore or to distress the listener: you can also experiment by blending the ear, not just wounding it. To experiment, in my opinion, means to pursue – and therefore to determine – the present day by day (rather than to lean nostalgically on the past or opportunistically on the already felt)”.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the first excerpt “La Parole 7” which shows the refined electronic textures with ambient lines and little, minimal rhythms movement, and the delicacy of the female vocals. Listen below.