Two years after the collaboration with sóley and Örvar Smárason (Múm), Icelandic musician and songwriter Sin Fang just released a new album titled Sad Party which is out now via Morr Music, as the follow-up of 2016’s Spaceland. 

“Sad Party” was recorded by Sigfússon alone over the course of three weeks in an old wooden studio in downtown Reykjavík before it was, like so many Icelandic venues in recent times, closed for good thanks to rising rents. “It had a wonderful view, something most music studios do not have,” says Sigfússon of the place, where he had spent so much time recording, drinking and playing table tennis in the past years. Now he locked himself in for three weeks to throw a very last “Sad Party”. Aiming for the music to be “not too fast and not too slow, not too loud and not too quiet”, the songwriter followed a radical stream of consciousness approach for the lyrics.

Listen below.