Delush is an Irish-born pianist who created his own solo project delush in 2018 as a way to express his truest experiences and realizations. He’s just released a new single “The Greatest Gift” featuring the stunning vocals of singer Tolü Makay.

Speaking about his latest offering, he said, I’m not always in the position where everything makes sense. I often find myself in the period of doubt, the period of struggle or the period of not knowing if it will it all ever make sense again. I wanted to capture a moment of feeling that true freedom, that sense of everything in its right place, so that people can access it in more difficult times or celebrate it and feel it more deeply when it does come around, and it always comes around, sooner or later.I didn’t know Tolu before this song. I had a dream where I saw someone singing it with a gospel choir. When I discovered Tolü Makay I knew it was her. The choir is the magnificent African Gospel Choir, Dublin.” Listen below.