daste. (Tyler Harden, Callum MacDonald and Braxton Tahi) is an Australian band which recently released the debut EP. Now they’re back with a new track titled “What If?” which is out via Mammal Sound Records and shows the evocative and delicate vocals, and the liquid and smooth sound. Their words about it: ’What If?’ started out as a little bit of fun. Often,I’ll make some chords and a very rough beat just to getthe foundation of an idea started and send it to the fellas to see if it plucks any strings.

Tyler and Braxtoncame through with such good melodic ideas that the whole process was so effortless and fun.‘What if?’expresses the idea of nostalgia and the thought of what could have been if friendships had notended and relationships not failed.It’s a personal thought process that I believe many experiences andcan understand, but, what’s important in the messageis to keep on moving forward with zero regrets.”