Julia Gjertsen is a Oslo-based pianist and composer. Following her 2012 debut EP Slow Motion Stories and a series of evocative singles, she recently released the debut album. Fragile is out now via Moderna Records. The tracks were created primarily between January and May 2019, with the exception of the album opener “Hyphen II”, a rework of a track “Gjertsen” originally composed in 2016.

Her words about it: “As with spring, I think there is both melancholy and naivety in the melodies” she says of the pieces on the record. “The title of the tracks and album came to me when I was in Greece for a week and was working to finish this album. The word ‘Fragile’ and the idea for the album reflects my state of mind and the way I see the world in general, as well as some natural elements such as the sea. For me, we are fragile. As we can hear there are some cracking noises from the piano – I wanted to keep that in my tracks as I think it reflects a feeling of fragility, intimacy and proximity to the listener.”

Listen below.