Janaki’s Palace is the Italian Novara-based project that involves Chiara Ruga (vocals, guitar, keys), Diego Viero (bass, keys), Lorenzo Lena (drums), Lorenzo Piralla (guitar), Matteo Celano (sax). We introduced them with the 2018’s track “Lemniscate Daydream“. Now they announced the release of their debut EP Everything Is Temporary which will be out in January 2020.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “August” which shows the evocative vocals, the psychdelic shades of their refined and dreamy melodies. Their words about it: “Inspired by “Dialogo della natura e di un islandese”, “August” is the description of the discomfort of the end of the summer. A limbo between the distress caused by the coming of the winter and the doubt that this cynicism will not go away. Probably the song can be understood as a vain and continuous complaint.

Listen below.