Afriquoi are a London-based band which include Fiston Lusambo (guitar), Jallykebba Susso (kora), André Espeut (vocals), Oli Cole (live electronics), André Marmot (percussion) and Nico Bentley (keys). Their music mixes dance rhythms, electronic textures and African tradition sound.

Four years after first full-lenght Kolabathey announced the release of a new EP which will be out in January 2020. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the first excerpt titled “Acid Attack“. Sung in the Mandinka language of Gambia and Southern Senegal, it was recorded at Octagon Studios in Brixton, and engineered by Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist/Onipa) and mastered at the world-famous Metropolis Studios.

Kora player Jally Kebba Susso explains: “what the words are saying, it’s saying that somebody have to be very careful of your action. For me, it’s telling me that karma is a bitch!! If you are rude, before you find out, you are lonely. It’s about connection of reality and not wish-wash wish-wash. Everybody get what they are supposed to get.”

Singer Andre Espeut adds: “The lyrics ‘Find out and learn find out and learn lonely’ talks about how you can go through and learn from experience, but sometimes when you do things which can be bad/harmful/fiesty to others, you may end up being lonely so beware.”

The band will headline Oslo Hackney on December 6th. More info here.