All We Are are the Liverpool-based trio that includes Richard ‘O Flynn (drums, vocals), Guro Gikling (bass, vocals) and Luis Santos (guitar, vocals). Two years after Sunny Hills, they are back with a new track titled “L Is For Lose“. Talking about the song, All We Are explain: “L Is For Lose’ is a psychosexual, off kilter tune that is an ode to that weird dance, the push and pull, that a sexual relationship moves to. So close your eyes, get into that rhythm and feel that heat.”

Director Jack Whiteley – who previously made a mini-documentary on All We Are – adds about the new video for “L Is For Lose”: “With each album brings a new sound and change in direction for All We Are. The key words here were tropical, dancing and animation. What started out as a desire I had to make a lyric video quickly escalated into a full-blown music video with animation. I imagined a hot Miami night where the band play characters caught up in an 80s crime love triangle, before the funk drops and they settle their differences on the dancefloor. Big shout out to our brother Joe Wills who cooked up some seriously hot and saucy animation as well as everyone on our amazing crew, both humans and animals alike!”

Watch it below.