Nardeydey (aka Shirley Tetteh) is a British musician and singer-songwriter, better known for playing with the collective Nérija (Domino Records) and spiritual jazz ensemble Maisha (Brownswood). Her debut eponymous EP will be released digitally and as a 12” vinyl Rough Trade exclusive at the end of November via Lucky Number. “Dreamin” is a new excerpt.

According to the press release, Shirley opened up to reveal her deeply personal and remarkable songwriting, processing her inner life with dream-logic tapestries, pulling together myriad influences from folk, pop, jazz, soul, gospel, electro-pop, afrobeats and beyond. All written and self-produced, the tracks are deeply original, wearing her guitar virtuosity lightly in creating inexplicably perfect trans-genre pop songs.

“’Dreamin’ is about being an adult but not being able to get your life together. It starts off using a conversation I had with my mum as inspiration about not eating all the food she’d cooked immediately or they’d be none left – with me adding the line about being unable to cook – even though that was not a part of the original exchange. That line, for me, is an interesting intersection of sharing shame with what might be self-pride: “my dreams are why I can’t cook though.” ‘Dreamin’ is at once the source of someone’s potential, and the reasons they may stay frustrated/unrealised in the real world, whatever that means.