Three years after Fading, Belgian Barcelona-based singer-songwriter and musician A Singer of Songs (aka Lieven Scheerlinck) is back with a new album. Portraits is out now via Son Canciones. According to the press release, tracks are stories lived, enjoyed and suffered by Alida, Paul, Alain, The Man At The Table, Rosa, Laura, Mabel, Agus & Yehia.
Songs written by Lieven Scheerlinck.

It was recorded by Alain Quateau in his beautiful basement studio (Haaltert, Belgium). It features Alain Quateau, Marc Quinart, Maaike Quateau and the Quateau family choir (Kathleen, Silke, Jasper, Maaike & Ward). Trumpet on “Mabel” played by Maarten Decombel and recorded at Studio Trad by Ward Dhoore & Jeroen Geerinck. Full streaming is available below.