Glenn Munson is a British singer-songwriter and musician from Suffolk. His music is inspired by artists as Fleet Foxes, Devendra Banhart and Bon Iver. “Ode To My Ex” is the debut track which is out via High Tribe Records and shows his beautiful and fragile vocals and the melancholic and essential mood of the sound.

He says: “Ode to my Ex, to me, is about the inner emotional conflicts and the power struggle during the end of a relationship. In those hazy moments where you find yourself revisiting memories you shared and noticing all the red flags and questioning how you managed to ignore them for so long. It’s about the painful realisation that the perfect vision of your partner was a fantasy built up to make the relationship work. The song is ultimately about taking back power and admitting that in all honesty the relationship was broken on all sides and should have been ended much sooner.

Listen below.