Be Reborn” is the new collaboration bewtween South London duo Athlete Whippet (Aviram Barath, Robin Paul Braum) and Metronomy’s bassist Olugbenga. It shows enchanting funk vibes and refined house textures. It follows September collaboration for the track “All At Once”. Olugbenga Adelekan describes the new single:

“Be Reborn is an interesting one – a track that has itself been reborn a few times. Its emotional core concerns a question. Is there a better version of yourself to be found within? Is the person you see the same as the person other people see? Who can we look to for these answers? The lyrics to the original demo addressed these directly, but in the course of collaboration the track was distilled again and again until Robin and Avi hit on something like its essential form. But I listen to the final version and remain haunted by those original questions.”

Athlete Whippet going on to say: “Getting Benga on board for this one totally did the magic… we’d been sitting on it for a while as an instrumental in all sorts of different shapes but it was just not quite there yet. It lives off all these little fragments of live instruments that make it vivid and give it expression and emotional depth. So that’s how we treated Benga’s vocals as well, chopping it up and give it a role that’s kind of similar to the other instruments – almost like something that was played rather than sung.

Listen below.