Ai Yamanoto is Japanese Melobourne-based sound artist which has collaborated with many artists such as Lawrence English, Adam Gaucci AKA Curse of Daialect, Steve Law, Ben Sharman, Ben Frost. She recently released a new album titled Going Home 帰郷 which is out now via Dragon’s Eye Recordings.

According to the press release, it  explores her journey back to her hometown of Shizumu, Kashiba city in Nara, Japan. Quiet spaces, forests, rice fields, seasonal insect sounds, family and friends shape the composition. On ‘Going Home 帰郷’ Yamamoto combines her old samples and transforms them with new approaches toward ambient. The piece begins with soft textures and combinations of long, gauzy melodies. These surfaces shift to simple piano tones bolstered underneath by subtle noise, then move to abstract guitar textures. The piece finishes with a field recording of crickets from Shizumi Nara, paired with a gentle refrain.

Listen below.