Two years ago we introduced Yorkshire quintet Avalanche Party with the track “I’m So Wet“. Now they announced the release of the first full-length. 24 Carat Diamond Trephine is out on November 22nd. We already shared “El Dorado”; “Rebel Forever” is a new excerpt. They told which the clip was “filmed over the course of a few days in deep, dark Berkshire. It shows a trip through time and the great outdoors and has two main stars.

Django is a scaly fiend of the reptile family Chamaeleonidae who spends his time eating rump steak and shedding his dark and succulent past. Ron is a horrible WMC toilet of a cat who would rather the world left him alone. This broadcast was made possible by Welsh wizard Kyle ‘Eagle Burger’ Howells and his unflinching vigour, boundless generosity and eye for a mood. Rebel Forever.”