One year after the collaboration with Ben Walker for the album Seelings All, London-based singer-songwriter and musician Josienne Clarke announced the release of a new full-length. In All Weather is out on November 8th via Rough Trade Records. We already shared “If I Didn’t Mind”; “Slender, Sad & Sentimental” is a new excerpt.

Josienne explains some of the thinking behind the song, “The songs I write generally seem to be both simultaneously too simple and too complicated to ever translate to a broad audience.  A quintessential radio single contains a catchy upbeat repeated chorus that my songs don’t tend to have.  So, I approached this song with the weight of my own maudlin inaccessibility in mind. I was writing about writing a catchy single in the style of a catchy single. I’ve possibly hit peak self-reference!

Watch he official video below.