Utrecht-based festival Le Guess Who? (focused on experimental and new sounds) will start next week, from November 7th to 10th.  Curators of this year are Kevin Richard Martin aka The Bug, Fatoumata Diawara, Iris van Herpen & Salvador Breed, Jenny Hval, Moon Duo, Patrick Higgins. You can check the full program and their choices on the official website.

We will be there to report the whole festival and we decided to focus on the lineup curated by The Bug. British producer Kevin Richard Martin is one of the important artists of the contemporary music scene. He released works with label such as ROOM40, Ninja Tune, Hyperdub. Both with his solo albums and collaborative projects (ZONAL, King Midas Sound, and with artists as Burial, Earth), he found always his way to explore new paths of electronic sounds (from grime to techno, going trough hip-hop) and shape the art of communication with his strong identity.

We found his world in the lineup of Le Guess Who?. Starting from his main project The Bug (solo and with London based artists Manga Saint Hilare and Flowdan). One of the most interesting shows we will see, it is the one with Japanese vocal performer Hatis Noit. They recently shared a new collaborative track titled “After The Storm“.

Eighteen years after their latest work as Techno Animal, Kevin Richard Martin and Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, JK Flesh) teamed up again as ZONAL. And they will present the new album Wrecked with an exclusive show which will feature Moor Mother and Nazamba. We will have also the pleasure to see King Midas Sound, the project which involves Kevin Martin with the singer/poet Roger Robinson.

Lineup includes also legends as Godflesh, Jah Shaka Sound System, Drew McDowall and immeasurable duo Earth which recently released a new album titled Full Upon Her Burning Lips which is out now via Sargent House. Morover, Justin ‘JK Flesh’ Broadrick and Takeaki ‘Goth-Trad’ Maruyama will team up again, after the release of the split EP Knights of The Black Table which, according to the press release, was a departure from some of the more recent JK Flesh material, with slower BPMs and heavier production. Also somewhat new territory for Goth-Trad, who’s primarily known for his dubstep work.

Lebanese-born producer and DJ Rabih Beaini will bring his inventive, dark, and emotional productions and resounding live sets; young Kenyan producer and DJ Silkback (Nyege Nyege affiliate) will bring his mix of  trap, dubstep, house, dancehall and Polish band LOTTO will feed us with powerful free-jazz and post-rock.

The circle of The Bug choices is closed by Mala, American musician Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, German guitar player Caspar Brötzmann, and Stockholm-based experimental drone artist Kali Malone which recently released a new album titled The Sacrifical Code, out now via Ideal Recordings.