Our mixtapes are back. Every month will set up a Spotify playlist with the best music of every month which we proposed. The end of the year is coming, but October was a great month with 50 tracks and releases from OuterKeaton HensonDavid NorlandTeebsBattlesKanye WestMatthew CollingsInude, Makai, AQXDM, TSHA, SwansZONALNOAH, 33EMYBW, Jacques Greene, Mikal CroninSunn O)))J ColleranKonradsenClipping.Bruno Bavota, Jonas Meyer, Oiseaux-Tempête, Floating Points, Blue Hawaii, Carla Dal Forno, Capitol, SHHE, Boduf Songs, ISAN, Seabear, Soho Rezanejad, Little Scream, John Chantler, Minor Pieces, Haich Ber Na, DIIV, Broen, Common Holly, Steve Hauschildt, Julie’s Haircut, Penguin Cafe, Michael A. Muller, Concerto, Talpah, Golfers and Portico Quartet. Check it below.