Sleepertrain is a London-based pianist, composer, electronic producer, and vocalist. A Gift is the debut release which is out now via Seattle based label Hush Hush Records. It was mastered by Taylor Deupree. Six tracks which shows delicate and evocative vocals and liquid electroacoustic textures. Listen below.

Mainly written between 2016 and 2017, the passing time allowed Sleepertrain to patiently introduce intricate elements and lush textures to each song, using field recordings and peculiar samples from his surrounding natural world. Fusing his passionate audio archivist tendencies with his classically-trained piano talents and on-going fascination with electronic production, he’s created a captivating and surreal sound palette from sounds both strange yet oddly familiar.

Beginning with a fragile late-night piano improvisation ensconced within the quiet rumblings of a morning commuter train, ‘A Gift’ weaves through soaring cinematic vignettes, experimental wordless vocal tracks, and ethereal R&B-tinted moments that manage to sound both vaporous and intimate.