Tobias Preisig is a Swiss violinist and composer, known also for the collaboration with acts as Colin Stetson and Cinematic Orchestra. Three years after the collaboration with Stefan Rusconi, he announced the release of a new solo album. Diver is out on November 1st via Quiet Love Records. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Jan Wagner.

He says about it: “This record is about diving into new territories, being receptiveand leaving the familiar and mundane behind you,allowing yourself to be driven by your instincts.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Surface” which shows all the “silent” poetry of Preisig music: there is tension and a growing pathos, and also a dramatic and refined force which touches something deep.

According to the press release, The reference to deep sea diving is poignant here as this record is as much a workabout a physical immersion in sound as it is about the exploration of the unknown(on an emotional and a sonic level). It’s important to note that these songs are, infact, the very first time that Tobias composed music strictly for the violin (as asolo instrument) and played without a backing band. What you hear on theserecordings is literally just the violin, usually just a single voice submerged in deepreverb and supported by a Moog synth triggered with an organ foot-pedal. Thereare, of course, occasional over-dubs–additional layers of violin, scattered drumsor an organ drone–but these are secondary elements added to embelish the corevoice of the violin.

I detached myself completely from my everyday surroundings and wouldspend day and night at the studio. It didn’t feel exhausting at all.It was so fluent and energetic. It felt like Jan (Wagner) had somehow openedthe right door for me and enabled me to release all this repressed music.It felt like a very powerful and focused musical flood.

Watch also the live video for the track “Diver” recorded at at Neubad Luzern.