Three years after Fever Dream, British musician and singer-songwriter Ben Watt (Everything But The Girl) announced the release of a new album. Storm Damage is out on January 31th, 2020. We already shared “Sunlight Follows The Night”; “Irene” is a new excerpt which features Low’s Alan Sparhawk on electric guitar and harmony vocal. “It is about the power of nostalgia and the artist-audience relationship, which seems to obsess us all at the moment,” says Watt of the the song.

It is also about the simple brutality of social change – how cities move on, scenes die, and how people get caught up in that. I asked Alan to play on the song after we did a show together in Minneapolis in 2016. We have been friends for fifteen years since I remixed a Low song in 2004.  I thought his restless, scratchily emotional guitar style would be perfect.”

I needed a fresh approach,” says Watt about the new full-lenght. “The album came out of an intense period of personal anguish and political anger. Sometimes repeating yourself musically feels disrespectful to the sharpness of your feelings. You have to search for a new way to capture the energy.