We introduced different times British pianist and producer Sebastian Reynolds, also known for his work with Solo Collective. Maṇīmekhalā is the new EP is which is out via PinDrop Records and celebrates the debut UK tour of Mahajanaka Dance Drama in November 2019.

According to the press release, Mahajanaka Dance Drama is a project conceived and produced in collaboration between Sebastian Reynolds and trailblazing contemporary dance company Neon Dance with award winning Thai dancer and choreographer Pichet Klunchun. They have partnered to create a new stage work that fuses Thai traditional forms with western contemporary dance and music, telling the story of Mahajanaka, a story from the Jataka mythology, one of the oldest and largest collections of stories surviving in the world.

Listen below.

The lead track Theme for Maṇīmekhalā is taken from the soundtrack for the stage show. Maṇīmekhalā EP also features a traditional Thai piece that features in the Mahajanaka Dance Drama soundtrack, Cherd, the recording of which was commissioned by Sebastian Reynolds and performed by Thai pi-phat ensemble The Jongkraben Ensemble plus a remix of Theme for Maṇīmekhalā by Thai musician, composer and producer Pradit Saengkrai, who is also a collaborator for the Mahajanaka Dance Drama show, and a remix of Cherd by cult producer Capitol K. 

Theme for Maṇīmekhalā is based around samples of the Thai traditional instrument the Pii- Nai, recorded during Sebastian’s British Council funded research and development trip to Bangkok in 2016, and also features special guest German cellist Anne Müller (Erased Tapes).