MOSSS is the project of Brooklyn-based producer and songwriter Rob McCurdy, also known as member of duo Noise Club.We introduced him with the tracks “Till You Sink”and “Bound To Happen”; now he released the debut EP Pale Blue which is out now.

“Since the beginning of this project, I’ve been really into the idea of creating a body of work that I’ll be able to look back on and hear myself in,” explained McCurdy. “I chose to lead with ‘Here If You Want’ because it largely embodied the feeling I was going for with MOSSS. With the other songs on the EP my intention was to expand upon that feeling and see how many different directions it could be pushed. Uncertainty in a relationship makes everything cloudy. When I wrote ‘IDK’, I was at a point where I was questioning everything with the exception of how strongly I felt about the person I was writing about. It felt like the only piece of clarity I had in what was otherwise a fog of worry and doubt.”

Listen below.