Seville are an Italian band from Padova which include Federico Ruzza (vocals, guitar), Sebastiano Nalin (guitar, vocals, synth), Matteo Santaterra (bass), Michele Tedesco (drums). They announced the release of their first full-length titled Who has decided for us? which will be out in February 2020.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “No Streets To Run” which shows a deep, intense vocals expression and a tense and rough sound which turns in a refined theatricality and melodies research. Their words about the track:

“A “visual” song wich opens out into the void, describing a sunny desert in which the carachter of a hermit advances. This absence of civilization is, however, filled: that desolate place will be, in fact, reached by the railroad tracks (a metaphor for the civilization which goes on) and a city will be built on that land. In the second part, after a significant time jump, the city has turned into a metropolis and the focus shifts on a individual and to his inner dimension: on the one hand, a feeling of uncertainty and oppression related to city life, from the another a reminder of the open spaces of the natural world. A combination which turns into a unbridled race against time, beyond the barriers of the city.”