Lekka is the Milan-based project that includes Luca Piana, Matteo Maltecca and Fabio Zampieri. They enlist Boys Noize, Soulwax, Justice, Daft Punk, Vitalic, Gesaffelstein, Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Chromeo, Mstrkrft amongst their influences. Two years ago we introduced them with the first self-titled ep. A few weeks ago they released their first full-length titled Primal Drives. Listen below and check the track by track after the full streaming. Check also our interview with them here.

Run Run Run. The record is opened by the first single from Primal Drives. We stared the album with it to send a message: Lekka are back and are still pumped up! It’s a a techno/electro piece that is a call back to our root and that is accompanied by a video you can see on our youtube channel.

Blow. With the second track the mood shifts. “Blow” is maybe the most pop piece on the album and the idea for it was born during a night spent in a in club by the same name in our city of Sesto San Giovanni

My City. We have another mood change with My City: a piece born as a joke which then became one of those we’re the most attached to. In it the synth fuses with an hip hop line, which creates a peculiar crossover that is energetic, but also danceable.

Before you go to sleep. In the fourth track of the album the sounds of the “French touch” style mix with heavier ones, in the style of Justice, one of the groups we were most inspired by. The main voice was sampled from a motivational video we found online, which we had fun to shift the pitch of, in order to give it a less serious feel: more suitable to our style.

Animals. It’s the second single extracted by Primal Drives, in which the French electro sounds that we like so much make a return. The vocal section was put in the hands of Matteo (voices, keyboards and synth) and his vocoder, while Luca (voices, bass, guitar) was tasked with fusing the acusics and electronic instruments.

Big Trouble in little Sarpi. Whoever was born in the 80s like us will be familiar with the title of this track, that was isprired by John Carpenter’s masterpiece “Big trouble in little China”. Here we pay tribute to a movie that shaped our childhoods by taking one its main musical themes and giving it our own twist.

Svetlana. Undoubtably this is the most rock piece on the record. Luca’s distorted voice lays on an energetic base line made up of guitars and synths and tell us about the night of a girl named Svetlana.

Emergency. The third and final single is a peculiar electro track. We wanted to focus on the many “emergencies” brought on by those who have the power to create them. A more electronic first part fuses with a more acustic second one, to create three and a half minutes of frantic madness.

Run Run Run (final theme). The most peculiar piece on the record is an instrumental that reprises “run run run”, but in a completely different way. At the end of the day, we sometimes can also calm ouselves down.