Last year we introduced Soul Islandthe project of Italian London-based producer and singer-songwriter Daniele De Matteis. Shards is the debut album which is out now via British label Loyal To Your Dreams. Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new live video for the non-album track “Tomorrow“. It was recorded at Sudestudio in Lecce (South Italy) and features Gigi Chord (keys) and Andrea Rizzo (drums).

His words about the song: ” “Tomorrow” is the only track I perform live that is not part of the album. It’s a reworked version of an unreleased piece done for my old duo “Kulledge”. Nothing much was ever released for this project although we produced a fair bit of music. The original version is an electronic punk-pop that I think aged wonderfully, performed here in a purified way with harmonic droning and vocals on top.

It’s about feeling hopelessly stuck and numb, it describes a moment of inertia in feelings and communication. Not negative nor positive, just the space in between, that of a wrong day (or age) that you happen to cross at times and that can only be waited out.”

Watch it below and check our interview with him here.

Watch also the live session of the tracks “Night Shore” and “Loser Rev”.