De Marion¬†is the project of Italian guitarist Dario Serra, also known for his work with Suzanne’Silver. It features Danilo Garro from the band Mashrooms. He recorded a lot of solo stuff since his youth but released only two albums: De Marion (2005) and My Kingdom For A Couch (2008).

He announced the release of a new full-length. Down The Road Of Mainstream I Saw You, Canzone¬†is out on October 25th via Noja Recordings. The album features Mauro Felice, Carlo Barbagallo, Roberto Cappellani and Swingy Pirlo. Today we have the pleasure to share the full streaming of the album. Eleven tracks which show different shades of his songwriting from the psychedelic intimacy of “Sun Distorted You” and “Gibbous” to tense lines of “Matthew“, from the essential textures and the noise of “Wasted Time of Nonchalance” to the blues vibes of “Sburramento Fulmineo in LA Minore“. Listen below.