m o k r o ï é is the Paris-based multidisciplinary electronic trip-hop project of musician, singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist Francesco Virgilio. According to the press release, the project combines electronic music, photo, video, live performances, featurings, and has always been considered by its creator as a living entity.

Machines and Souls is the new album which is out on November 15th and today we have the pleasure to share the official video for the track “We Can Make It Fit” which features singer Allonymous and shows the slow rhythms and the rough lines of the sound. It was directed by Michael Guerraz which says: “The song’s lyrics can shape many meanings, like the look of another people and the alienation of a person towards another. So, I based the main idea of this music video on that main theme.

3 basic shapes (circle, square, triangle) and 3 primary colors (Red, Green, Blue) that are building mental universes of 3 characters who are suffering of discrimination (racism, fat phobia, sexism) in their everyday life. Shots in black and white, the mysterious narrator is like their inner voice. The suppressed anger and the frustration are raising in these characters. They end up breaking the glass between audience, like an ongoing self-esteem. Anyways, I wanted to translate the electronic sounds of the music into visual digital artefacts, like glitches and fields, that parasite each universe of the music video.

The artist adds about the track: “The music, as almost always, made before lyrics, expresses to me a feeling of misery, of bad living, staged in an aesthetic of sounds in color, diffuse beauty and a universe of strangeness and aesthetic defects (glitches ), which will end up being translated in Michael’s music video to express pain and confusion of the characters.”