JBXDR is the project of Berlin-based producer and drummer Jörn Bielfeldt which we introduced with the 2018’s album Wave Talk. He is inspired by acts such as producer Deantoni Parks (The Mars Volta, Bosnian Rainbows, ORL Projects) and J Dilla, who inspired a wave of underground and hip-hop scene. And also Shigeto, Teebs and Flying Lotus.

Now he’s back with a new track titled “Soul Feet” which is out via Springstoff. It is part of the EP No 2 which is out today. Speaking of the track JBXDR explains: “I had a feeling that ‘Soul Fool’ needed to become the first track to feature a vocalist. I had just met Josh out in Berlin, his energy was strong and inspired and we resonated straight away. So I ended up sending him a bounce only to receive the first vocal sketches days later. At which point we knew that this would be only the first collaborations of many to come. A song where packaging fits content, ‘Soul Fool’ is just that. A gorgeous R&B influenced piece of musical cake – warm and embracing like honey. The vocals add a tinge of longing and an emotional three-dimensionality to the mix. The track itself highlights my understanding and maybe even manifests my vision on keeping a motif and its realm interesting and flowing throughout its different universes.