La Metralli are the Bologna-based band which include Meike Clarelli (vocals, Guitar), Marcella Menozzi (electric guitar), Davide Fasulo (piano, cello, electronics, synth, guitar), Christian Pepe (doublebass, bass) and Cesare Martinelli (drums). Two years after lanimante, they’re back with a new album titled Ascendente which is out now via Amigdala.

Thi idea of the album was to make a record which seems like it was electronic but played with acoustic instruments. Mostly acoustic or semi-acoustic instruments were used, no synths or samples, but they were played and arranged following the electronic idea of the sound. The word “Ascendente” gives the title to the album and refers to the idea of ascending, going back up to the light, above all in this current time that recalls a long, dark night.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “Quiete” which shows the delicate vocals and the evocative, refined and complex lines of the sound. It was directed by Vittorio Antonacci which says: “From the first listening I had the feeling that this song is a tribute to restlessness and which it is about the indispensable attempts to reach a state of stillness, a goal that is nevertheless possible. As a good restive, I decided to turn upside down the approach that is usually used in the production of a video: “armed” with a list of landscapes unknown to my eyes, but connected to each other, and with a talented actress, I handed the canvas to the ‘improvisation. The random arrival in one place, the observation of an element out of place, the advice of the natives, has made the staging extremely free and dictated by space. This approach has allowed me to show the flow of consciousness of the character that is the antithesis of the singing and the fantastic vocals of Meike.”

Davide Fusolo adds about the track: “ ‘Quiete’ was born by moving my hands on the piano, looking for the softness which slowed down rhythms. After the first moments of the vocals, I wanted to let go the track without hitches or changes of direction, without thinking. We kept this same goal until the piece was recorded, adding the minimum required to transport the voice over flat waters, with the wind in favor. As the lyrics of Meike took shape, it was the words that transported the song towards that crescendo of intensity that led us to want to insert a choir and a string ensemble. Looking at the finished work with words and the video as a spectator, I see it as an invitation to slow down, look around and be amazed, lower your weapons.”