Divino Niño is the Chicago-via-Bogotá, Colombia quartet which involve Camilo Medina, Javier Forero, Guillermo Rodriguez and Pierce Codina. Three years after The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes, they released their debut album. Foam is out via Winspear. They shared a new video for the track “Quiero“. It features illustrations by guitarist/vocalist Camilo Medina and animation by Anthony Esquivel.

Esquivel says, “I discovered these divine boys in Chicago’s Humboldt Park circa winter 2015. I quickly became a fan of Camilo’s illustrations and characters as well as Divino Niño’s visuals. I wanted to contribute to bringing that universe to life. The ‘Quiero’ video began when I was experimenting with personifying flowers from gardens and making some jungle inspired visualizers out of my own plants. I had an arsenal of flower characters to start from, then Cam made some of his own based off screenshots of flowers I sent him. We did a few back and forths and the vid has since been in hibernation, waiting for it’s time to bloom.