Tom Ashbrook is a British Liverpool based ambient/electronic producer and musician. His music is inspired by artists such as John Williams, Pat Metheny, and Mike Oldfield. He announced the release of the first EP. Sines was mastered by Mike Cave (Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, The Charlatans) and mixed by Mike Halls (Clean Cut Kid).

Too Soon” is the first excerpt which metaphorically speaks of water, in a perfect passage of pensive piano. According to the press release, The music has a strong narrative quality, permeated by a rich melancholy that is haunting and melodic rather than depressing or morbid.

Tom Ashbrook explains: “Too Soon is about remembrance, a personal experience with a family friends son tragically drowning at age 3. The idea of someone being taken too soon and not having the chance to live out their lives. The tape recording and fluttering nature of the piano is to imitate the beauty of water and I suppose how it makes up so much of us. At the same time, it can also tragically take lives. ‘Too Soon’ is mainly about remembering people and marking that time of losing someone.