Lessons From The Dreamtime are the Colorado based band founded by Jesse Travis Maddox. Back in April, they released their second album Anticipatience and now announced the release of a new full-length. The Peculiar Treasure of Kings is out on October 21st and is available for pre-order here

According to the press release, The Peculiar Treasure of Kings is dramatically more ambient, and introspective.  This collection of songs features the inclusion of several odd textures and sounds. One song was written around the Cassinni recordings of the planets, another has field recordings of frogs, yet another has the cockpit recording from hijacked airlines on 9/11.

Maddox about the new album: “The concept for this album came about after watching my youngest daughter (who is now 2) develop her sense of humor and self awareness. In contrast to my oldest daughter (now 10) I started to realize that no one is really in control of anything in this world. Generations come and go mostly forgotten by the next generation, and even forgotten by this planet. In our youth we can not see the inevitable cliff we are all hurdling towards. We accept without many questions the culture we find ourselves swallowed up by. We adopt trends, and shape what we think mostly  unaware they originated as a sales pitch from some never-ending corporation. We pursue and tailor our education aimed at jobs in these very corporations that would disappear if we only had enough awareness to stop feeding them. We have accepted this never ending buy/sell, market/target, march of so called progress without ever really asking where we are being marched off toward. What exactly is the goal from the collective output of our generation, or the last, or the next? 

This album is an exploration of our past, our present and our future. Occasionally making statements about the now with some detached perspective, and even making suggestions for the future, occasionally issuing a warning. This is the soundtrack for late night stargazing. It is a nudge to just be still, lie down on the floor, on the grass, or to sit on a mountain top and breath in the air surrounding you like it is the cure for all the ailments of our time. It is a reminder to use all of our senses, to remember the smells, the textures, the sounds, the words that leave and come back, the faces, and the things not said. 
If I could I would release this album with a device that would conjure the smell of flowers carried on a breeze through a mountain meadow, the cold late night Colorado air in early October, the smell of aspen trees that are turning from green to yellow to orange. I wish I could package this album with a crystal prism that reveals how rainbows are everywhere you just have to look through the right lenses. 
The Peculiar Treasure of Kings is a reminder to set your priorities with the things that truly matter. As the saying goes “Life is not measured by how much you own”.
Love never ends.

Listen below.