Madder Rose are a New York based band which include Billy Cote, Mary Lorson, Rick Kubic, Matt Verta-Ray and Chris Giammalvo. Twenty years after latest album Hello June Fool, they are back with a new full-length. To Be Beautiful is out now via British label Trome Records. According to the press release, With To Be Beautiful, Madder Rose retain elements of their signature formula, forging sad songs with dreamy melodies and honeyed vocals, often against a backdrop of heavy, wrangled guitars.

However the willingness to push their sound also remains, with refined, minimal song structures, pared-down acoustic guitar songs, electronic textures and atmospheric ambient experiments now part of their oeuvre.  With the helpfully descriptive subtitle ‘Pretty Songs About Death, With Noise’, To Be Beautiful sees Madder Rose return to form with a stylistically varied collection of songs about loss, heartache and hope.

Listen below.