Plants Dub is an art project of the homonym collective based in Lecce – Italy formed by Maria Teresa Santoro art historian and light designer, Francesco Andriani De Vito aka Dubin, dj and producer, and Andrea Presicce aka NoFinger Nails, dub master and producer. They work in Plants Dub project in a mutual exchange of skills so as to be able to research in a way where art and science has no borders.

“Plants Dub connects electronic music and bio-acoustic researches. Through samplings and synthesizers Plants Dub produces an inter-species communication in order to form a complete human-plant audio exchange. A project that unites the hypnotic rhythm of dub music with the bio-acoustic theories producing a complete human-plant audio exchange.”

“Music from the Trees” is the result of a two-year research that has investigated the study of plant life in a philosophical, scientific and fundamentally poetic way – it will be out in 4 days via the label Pregnant Void, we are more than glad to premiere this track.