KIDSØ is a Munich-based live electronic duo which include Moritz Grassinger and Martin Schneider. Their music is inspired by acts like Kiasmos, Christian Löffler, Oliver Koletzki, HVOB, Parra for Cuva. According to the press release, KIDSØ’s sound is focused primarily around percussion, felt pianos, strings such as cello and viola, analogue synths, and electronic drums. Their home studio is overflowing with bongo’s, drums and found objects to draw new sounds from.

One year after their debut EP Apart, they announced the release of their first full-length Childhood which will be out in 2020. You can pre-order it here. “Sparkle” is the first excerpt which shows enchanting whispered vocals and intense refined pulsing rhythms. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the remix curated by British act The Mountain Howl, focused more on minimal lines.

Their duo explains about the original track: “We see ‘Sparkle’ like a rollercoaster between a drifting bass and drum lines, and fragile vocals and piano elements. This contradiction is what makes the track so unique for us and why we chose this track as the very first single of our album.

Listen below.

Check the Artwork below.