Two years after Sleep Well Beast, American band The National (Bryce Dessner, Mike Mills, Scott Devendorf, Aaron Dessner, Bryan Devendorf, Matt Berninger) returned with a new album. I Am Easy To Find is out via 4AD. They shared a new video for the track “Hey Rosey“. It was directed by Mike Mills (which also directed the short film starring Alicia Vikander).

He says about it: “I had always loved the work of Sharon Eyal, especially her improvisation. Luckily she was also a fan of The National and we began talking about her doing some dance work around the new record. For Hey Rosey, we asked her to be a continuation of Alicia Vikander’s character in I Am Easy To Find – a side of that character we didn’t see in that film, the unconscious of that character, but really left that for Sharon to interpret. I think in subtle, strange, but really powerful ways she found movements and gestures that echo the feelings and themes in Hey Rosey.”