The Mining Co. is the project of London-based musician and singer-songwriter Mike Gallagher. Two years after Mountain Fires, he announced the release of a new album. Frontier is out on October 18th. Inspired by classic song-writing of the highest order, Michael cites influence from Dylan, Springsteen and Nick Lowe, and states that he “wanted to write a romantic album, in the songs and the production”. Title-track is the first excerpt and we have the pleasure to share the video directed by Roger Francis Cook. The track shows the tense line and the minimal textures of his sound.

His words about it: “The video for Frontier was inspired by what you see on social media, how the fakeness of peoples lives is shown, and the reality of their actual loneliness it brings. There is an ugliness to posting everything, that beauty is really ugly, as it is fake. I was trying to explore that, being in a place free of this. The song is a place of refuge, away from the nightmare of these trappings.

The songs for Frontier were written by Michael at home in London, and rehearsed and recorded in Andalucía, Spain in 2018 with his long-term friends and musical collaborators at Paco Loco Studio in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain. Musical turns were from Jesús Cabral Herrera (bass), Karlos Arancegui (drums) and Greg Holme (pedal steel).

Muni Camón and Pablo Errea contributed the backing vocals. Strings were added later by violinist and composer Cristina Gestido. Frontier was produced and mixed by Paco Loco, famed producer who is acclaimed for his work with luminaries such as Josh Rouse, Gary Louris (Jayhawks), Josephine Foster and Hinds.