Last Friday, Italian composer and musician Bruno Bavota released a new album as the follow-up of 2019’s RE_CORDIS. Get Lost, out via Temporary Residence, marks a radical new direction. According to the press release, rather than obsess over the sound of the piano itself, Bavota now explores the sounds around the piano – the resonance, the silence, and the acoustic ambience of the living, breathing space in which the piano resides.

He also announced first dates of European Tour and we are glad to announce which he will be the second guest of our 10thBirthday Live Series in November. Today we are glad to share the official video of the new single “The Day That You Forgot“. Watch it below and check our talk with him about the new work, soundtracks and upcoming live shows.

Let’s Start from your new album “Get Lost”, your second work for Temporary Residence. What about the idea, the inspiration and the creative process of the album?

The main inspiration was a thought about how is the world we’re living in these days. I was affected from how much hate people are showing and how they’re losing an important feeling such as empathy. People are becoming more and more selfish and don’t seem to have time to listen to other people. Get Lost is an invitation to lose, search for, and rediscover themselves. Musically speaking, Get Lost was probably my first album where i tried to leave my musical comfort zone. There are only two tracks of solo piano (Timeless, Your eyes), in all the other tracks i went deep into experimentation working a lot on each and every sound you can hear.

How Did you choose the artwork of the album?

This is the wonderful job made by my wife Linda. She doesn’t need any advice by my side, she simply sees my music and made this awesome artwork!

You recenlty shared the video for the track “L’Attesa”. What can you say about it?

The video was shot by three directors: my wife Linda and two good and super talented friends of mine Angelo Cariello and Valentina Gaudiosi. Our idea was to tell a story of all the feelings we can have with the music and how people can be connected with it. You can see all the wonders of nature reflected on human bodies, it’s like a journey.

Considering the relationship with your instrument, what is your way to give new shape to the sound and what is your idea of experimentation in art?

I wanted to not focus myself only on the sound of piano but going beyond that. My idea was to not use synthetizers but to work directly on the natural piano sound trying to distort and disturb the sound using a some processors and boutique pedal effects. This process started in 2016 with Out of the bBlue with my track “Passengers” and in the past three years I worked to develop this way of creating my music.

Are you interested in doing soundtracks? What is your relationship with cinema?

I love cinema and i’m addicted to movies and tv series. This year I worked on a mafia documentary about the murderer of judge Antonino Saetta and his son Stefano called “L’Abbraccio” (BridgeFilm) by young journalist and documentary filmmaker Davide Lorenzano that will be released this Autumn. There will be also Daniele Ciprì as director of photography who won David di Donatello award. Also this year I’ll have a track featured in a short film made in USA called “Saving Robin Williams” that celebrates the actor who passed away in 2014. There’s also another thing, but will be a surprise 🙂

You will play different shows soon. What kind of live shows we can expect from you?

I think that every show is different from another, the sound is not the same as I work in real time on the sound of the piano with all the processors and pedal effects i said before. Everyone who come to the shows could be sure that will be a unique concert!

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

I liked the last Bon Iver album a lot and in this period i’m very excited and busy with Get Lost release. After that, as I also fixed my home audio system, I’ll be re-listening and buy some good vinyl!