We introduced different times German talented composer, songwriter and producer Josin. She’s been the first guest of our 10th Birthday Live Series. with two great live performances in Terlizzi and Rome. Back in January and one year after her first EP Epilogue, she released her debut full-length In The Blank Space which is out via Dumont Dumont.

She recently shared a new version of the track “Evaporation” which was recorded live at Beethoven Hall in New York. The single comes as Josin prepares to return to the UK to play her own headline tour as well as a show with RY X at The Royal Albert Hall on October 14th and a performance at Ólafur Arnalds Presents: OPIA at the Southbank Centre on November 8th.

Speaking about the song, Josin says “in ‘Evaporation’ I am making peace with my first encounter of life‘s fleetingness. After losing someone close I found that the only way to accept that we can‘t hold on to anything, is the idea of everything being in a constant movement. If everything, including ourselves, just evaporates, nothing gets lost. It just changes its shape and there‘s nothing to be afraid of.”

Listen below and check our interview here.