Subculture is the project of the London based producer Edan Feldman-Vazan. After the recent single “The River Bend”, he’s back with a new trac titled “Gunning For Fees” which features Grand Pax and Goya Gumbani. It shows the haunting and night mood of the sound, hip-hop vibes and soulful lines. His words about the track:

“This song came about from me trying to get two of my favourite artists from very different worlds in the same room together. Goya’s a left-field Brooklyn alternative hip hop artist who kinda reminds me of Earl Sweatshirt and Nas. Grand Pax makes this beautiful lo-fi indie and same as me she pretty much grew up in Camden. I find her such an interesting artist and really love all her music. Putting the two of them on a track together is 100% my bag. People from different worlds gotta come together more often, that’s how real magic happens”